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   17-19 Prideaux Road
East Sussex
BN21 2ND
01323 721911
Welcome to Palm Court Nursing Home
Centres of Excellence in Dementia Care
Palm Court (Nursing Home) and Keller House (Residential Care) are care homes which specialise in dementia care. We are a specialist team with talented carers and nurses dedicated to caring for the dementia sufferer and their families. We believe caring for dementia sufferers is a highly skilled undertaking operating with compassion and love while providing for the physical and emotional needs of our residents and support for relatives facing this critical time in their lives. The DNA of our care lies in our approach to everything we do for our residents and their relatives in creating a caring and supportive relationship.
Mission Statement
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Our mission is to provide health and social care that enables people to live their lives to the full.
We maintain the quality of life and provide excellent quality care to dementia sufferers. We provide this excellence through quality facilities and excellent training and education of our nurses, carers, secretary, chefs and housekeeping staff. Our policy is all staff working at our centres of excellence must be trained and educated to understand dementia regardless of their chosen work area. We are well known in the South for outstanding provision of care for Dementia Sufferers. We value our residents as people with individual aspirations and needs. Thus, our care approach is person-centred, individualised, emphasises the perspective of the person with dementia and stresses the importance of relationships in the caring process.
Palm Court Nursing Home
Centre Of Excellence In Dementia Care
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